Central Vacuums

The Power Unit is the heart of your central vacuum system. You decide on the size of the canister that you need based on the square footage of your home. The central vacuum system is a series of  vacuum pipe that runs from the inlet locations throughout the home and connects all the pipe to one main location at the power unit.  You just plug in your vacuum hose at each inlet location and turn on your vacuum power unit. The power unit will provide or maintain suction in each location in the home. The larger your home, the larger size canisters are needed.

All the Beam models of vacuums have the Patented Technology  No Maintenance, Self Cleaning Permanent Filter that has a lifetime guarantee. You simply empty the dirt collection bucket into the trash and replace the bucket.

We have the New Alliance Power Units with all the latest technology and energy savings. The Alliance brings vacuuming to a whole new level of cleaning. A vacuum that can tell you when it’s time to empty the canister or that you have vacuumed something into the system. The vacuum can even be turned down or up in suction power as need for different cleaning surfaces.

The Beam Serenity Series are Beam’s most popular vacuum power units. The Serenity Series vacuums have been giving years and years of service to our many satisfied customers.  The service and the price are unmatched in the vacuum industry.

Our Classic Beam Series Power Units are excellent vacuums that provide great service at a very economical price. If you are wanting a basic vacuum with not a lot of added features, then the Classic is your choice.  The same suction power as some of the others, but a little less cost.