Vroom Quick-Clean Central Vacuum Accessory

Vroom central vacuum accessories offer quick cleanups of daily dry spills and messes in high-traffic areas of your home like kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, foyers, mud rooms, workshops, garages, master suites, hobby rooms, “man-caves,” in-home theaters, playrooms and more!
Hidden, But Always There
Vroom easily installs in cabinets or closets and turns any central vacuum system into a powerful, quick-clean appliance. Once installed, the Vroom is always there when you need it, but out of sight when you don’t.Convenient Quick Cleanups

Vroom is perfect for everyday use since it offers up to 24′ of retractable hose, and is instantly accessible for frequent cleanups. With the Vroom around, there’s no need to grab the central vacuum hose or multiple cleaning supplies (broom, stick mop, hand vacuum, sponge or towels) to clean floors, countertops, appliances, drawers, walls, rugs and more.

Retractable Hose Makes Usage Easy & Fast
Simple to use, Vroom automatically turns on or off when the hose handle is removed or replaced in the docking station, and the hose retracts when finished. From pet hair to spilled cereal to broken glass, no mess is a match for Vroom’s speed and convenience.

Optional Tools/Tool Caddy Make Vroom Even More Convenient
Optional attached tool holder stores an adjustable wand and floor/rug tool for fingertip accessibility and effortless cleaning.

Two sizes to fit ALL Applications
Vroom is available in a 24′ and 18′ hose length to accommodate all installations. Check out our specifications for more information on the two different Vrooms available.

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Vroom Counter Coffee 2
Vroom in use cabinet

Vroom Quick Clean Central Vacuum Accessory for Garages

Vroom Garage easily brings powerful, space-saving, cleaning convenience to garages, vehicles and more.

Space-Saving Necessity That’s Easy to Use and Install
Specially designed overhead-mounting brackets turn Vroom into the most convenient garage and car cleaning product available — similar to what you can only find at a car wash!

Easy to install, Vroom Garage doesn’t take up any valuable storage space, and it’s always within arm’s reach for easy cleaning of frequent messes in garages or vehicles. Simply reach up, pull down the handle, vacuum up the mess, and when you’re finished the hose automatically retracts. It couldn’t be easier!

Powerful, Versatile Cleaning Convenience
Vroom Garage is great for cleaning car interiors, floor mats, car seats, campers, RVs, boats, garage floors, workbenches, around windows and doors, and other dirty garage messes.

Vroom Garage also Available as a Standalone System
The Vroom Garage System is perfect when you aren’t able to install a central vacuum in your home, but you want built-in cleaning convenience for your garage.

Vroom Garage System
The Vroom Garage Vacuum System offers a fast, powerful and convenient way to clean all surfaces in your garage, as well as your cars, boat and camper interiors too. It’s great for avid car collectors, those with garage workshops and homeowners that have frequent messes in their garage and vehicles.

The Vroom Garage Vacuum System includes a:
• High-performance, wall-mounted power unit
• Vroom retractable hose system (up to 24′ of hose) mounted overhead
• Premium crevice tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush, 10-inch floor brush and mesh bag tool caddy
• Adjustable wand extends reach up to 38″

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Spot by Vroom Quick-Clean Convenience

SPOT keeps out-of-sight and instantly accessible until needed, that’s why homeowners that have SPOT, never want to be “SPOTLESS!”

Easy Built-in Convenience
SPOT stores up to 15′ of retractable hose in the wall for fast and easy on-the-spot cleaning. Simply lift the lid, pull out the hose, flip the switch and clean your mess. When you’re finished cleaning, SPOT retracts back into the wall and out of sight until needed.

Location, Location, Location
SPOT is easily installed in new construction and existing homes in the places where daily messes frequently occur. With a 15′ hose, SPOT is perfect for laundry rooms, pet areas, mudrooms, entrances, bathrooms, sewing rooms and other smaller locations.

Fast and Versatile
SPOT lets you quickly clean everyday messes without having to get a vacuum hose or other cleaning supplies! Plus, a removable dusting brush is included with SPOT for even more cleaning convenience and versatility.

• Up to 15’of retractable hose stored in the wall
• Instantly accessible and out of sight until needed
• Powered by your central vacuum system
• Great for smaller rooms and locations
• On/Off switch – pull out red tab to turn on, push in to shut off
• Available in 3 colors – white, almond or black
• Comes with a removable dusting brush
• Great for smaller rooms and locations


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Spot valve

Vroom Solo

When you don’t have a central vacuum system or cannot install one, Vroom Solo delivers standalone convenience with its own power unit and dust collection bag

• Standalone unit. Central vacuum system not needed
• This compact vacuum comes with its own brawny power unit
• Installation is fast – Vroom Solo plugs into 120 volt power supply
• Fits most standard kitchen and bathroom cabinets
• 1 Gallon Collection bag is easily accessed
• Available in 24′ and 18′ Hose Lengths

New Vroom Solo

Vroom Product Specifications